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The board of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
Facial Plastic surgeon
Closed rhinoplasty specialist
Adjunct Professor at School of Medicine of Korea University
Ph.D Program at School of Medicine of Korea University
Representative Director of NoseLAB Plastic Surgery Clinic

Ex.Representative Director of Glory Plastic Surgery
Ex.Representative Director of Navi Plastic Surgery
Ex.Rhinoplasty Dr. of AIST Beauty Group, Changsha, in China
Ex.Rhinoplasty Dr. of Xichuan Hospital, Chungdu, in China
Ex.Rhinoplasty Dr. of TAIVEX Malo Oneday Clinic, in Macau

Why Choose Us

Dr. Kang’s closed rhinoplasty is the surgery that does not incision the columella, so not only leaves scars, but also preserves nasal artery, resulting in blood flow to nose tip. Thus, it is a surgical method that reduces side effects such as inflammation and contracture by diminishing swelling and quick recovery period. It is a very difficult surgery.

I am thrilled with the natural-looking results of my rhinoplasty. Dr. Cha-Young Kang’s expertise is truly remarkable.

John Smith

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Our Commitment to Excellence

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be the foremost center for closed rhinoplasty expertise, setting new standards in successful outcomes and patient care.

Our Mission

To provide exceptional closed rhinoplasty surgery that enhances both beauty and functionality, ensuring optimal patient satisfaction and well-being.

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